Some sort of releaseSeptember 24th, 2014

Today marks public release of this freeware not-yet-finished game Soil. It is space real-time-strategy game, much like Homeworld packed with more features. So what it does? It could pretty much be played, if only there was some content. So consider this call for help from all interested artists (3D models, textures, sounds, ...) and modders (balancing, putting together something meaningful) and various testers (hardware compatibility, bugs, gameplay) or anyone else with constructive feedback.

Right now, download package contains editor where you can create and edit ships, fighters, turrets, etc. Editor runs on top of game engine, so you immediately (to limited extent) see changes in visuals and behaviour. You can even use editor to spawn and command ships for testing/balancing purposes. No need to close and start another application. Also included is game itself, currently consisting of multiplayer. In order to play multiplayer, someone has to host dedicated server, also included. This little server only resends data between players without running game itself (low CPU cost). So far, there is no server with public static IP running, so multiplayer is limited to LAN or manual setup with port forwarding. If you choose standard download, you also get proof-of-concept grade dataset, suitable to just play around before starting modding or to be used as some sort of reference.

If you wish to help, head over to contribute section to find out how, or/and join forum for any feedback. Priority for now is creating content to form something playable and get some server. If there is any way you can help, please do support this until now one man project! Even spreading word counts ;)


Oh, and one more thing... this is 100% free game, so to prevent unnecessary costs, this page is running on free webhosting, so be patient if any "Error 500" or such pops up... It tends to fix itself within few minutes.

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