Update, if you can believe itDecember 21st, 2020

I'm not gonna blame any lack of progress this year on corona, because let's be real, it should have given me more time to work on this, so I'm just gonna blame it on laziness. So let's find out about all the new exciting features

Your ships now gain experience when they do or receive damage. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to make it more complicated and there are two experience values. One is gained by doing damage, and this experience increases gun/beam reload speed and accuracy, and missile replenishing speed. The other experience is gained by receiving damage, and it increases speed of passive self-repair of ships outside of combat, and more importantly reduces incoming damage. While all this makes a lot of things more complicated, there is at least one positive side effect - it can be used to make hero ships in campaign (amazing...).
Second most exciting feature is added minimap (what do you mean there wasn't minimap?). When playtesting my stupid mission I came to conclusion that switching to/from sensor view doesn't really cut it, so I added a small minimap like you can find in practically in every RTS. If new enemy ship is detected, it will be blinking for two seconds to attract attention.
I added a whopping 3 new missions to the campaign. It is incredible how many weird bugs I've encountered while playtesting those. E.g. harvester turning sideways when game was loaded, game crashing when ship warped out and warped back in before it's trail disappeared, and always my favorite - bugs related to scripting serialization.
Overall I think I got the game a bit more towards the fun side of things, so that's good. Here's hoping that next update will not take another year.

Here is extremely low effort video of the game :) . I couldn't be arsed to spend more than 10 minutes on this, apparently...

Update! (seriously!)December 6th, 2019

As said in previous post, graphics were reworked a bit, which ended up looking nicer, and probably introduced new bugs (OpenGL is fun!). As a bonus, it also runs faster on my old-ass notebook, which is also nice. Extremely boring "campaign" was added, which so far has 4 missions, not much happen in them, except for last, which conveniently misses dialogs, which with a level of writing I can produce, works in its favor. Lot of crap was fixed when doing this, so there's that.

As always, I'm looking for help with everything :)
There will also be some multiplayer session organized this week (if you're reading this, it is probably already too late, or you're here because you know about it!). If you want to be notified in the future, discord is currently your best bet.


The year of the nothingburgerOctober 27th, 2019

So a year has passed and nothing was done, which is appropriate, since nobody reads this anyway :derpyemoticon: (if you read this, say hello!). Seriously though, while no new release is ready just yet, there is some progress, even though it is all moving at the speed of Star Citizen. I was really bothered by the amount of aliasing and stuff like FXAA was just hopeless with it. So I redid the ill-conceived deferred shading into regular-ass forward shading and now I'm just using MSAA like a regular sane person. I also changed aesthetics a little bit to have more color, but don't worry, all ships are still untextured! :(

Apart from graphics, I began work on some sort of campaign, which has 4 missions right now (the first two are extremely boring and tutorialy though). This also lead to some script improvements, new ships, balancing and fixing bugs, improvements to turret aiming (now beams can utterly obliterate fighters if they have 0.0 drift!), and some editor improvements (which I can only guess is super exciting for everybody!)

That's it for now. If you're reading this, please say hello on e-mail or discord (bottom of page) and share how many times have you refreshed this page in the last year :)

Update & multiplayer session 2September 20th, 2018

Another update is here, and it didn't even take a year! Some abilities were added, some crappy visualization of some abilities was added. Selecting of stuff was improved and no longer requires to have mouse directly over object when clicking. Game speed now can be changed up to 4x, even in multiplayer, where lowest speed among players is used (speed can be changed at any time in game). There are probably more improvements, like e.g. that tutorial no longer crashes and so on.

In order to not be all positive, forums are now down, because to collapsed when I tried to update software... Nobody used them anyway, so whatever. Currently you can use only mail or discord to contact me (I may add public discord invite link later).

There is also another planned multiplayer session, so watch out for that timer up on this page if you would like to join. Be sure to download latest version and try out tutorials. If you cannot run it, be sure to have that redist installed.

Update & multiplayer sessionJanuary 7th, 2018

After some RL-caused delays, another update is here! New version can be found in downloads!

All the old testing assets were removed, leaving us with one faction with original ships, tech tree and some illusion of balancing. This version contains two single player missions/tutorials. First is focused on commanding very small fleet and guiding it through mission, second is focused on station aspect of the game: building fleet, harvesting resources, research and fighting enemy AI (dumb script).

This release contains some weird crashes that don't even produce minidump (if they do, please send it to me!) and occasional desyncs. Game will try to resync, so that shouldn't be that big of a problem as long as it doesn't happen frequently. While annoying, I wanted to finally get this release out there, because it improves much more that it breaks.

In addition to this release, I'm organizing a multiplayer session. Initial plan is for January 16th, at 7pm UTC. Countdown should appear in this page's head. Goal of this is to gain some feedback, test it all out and potentially gain some collaborators! In case this time(zone) doesn't work for you, we can organize another session, e.g. during weekend, in the forums.

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