Game filesApril 13, 2024

  • Standard download (.zip)
    - contains Windows game files with default dataset and saves for each mission.
  • Updater only (.zip)
    - contains only updater and server address. Running updater will download latest files into folder it's in

You can also download game at Indie DB page
This is also where you can download older versions

Please make sure to not place game folder in write protected location such as "C:/Program Files".

Visual Studio redist

In case windows complains about not being able to run the game due to some missing .dll files, you'll need to install Microsoft Visual Studio x64 redistributable. You almost certainly have this already installed by some other game or program. You'll also need to install this if you're trying to run Soil through Wine on Linux or something, unless some other program or game already installed it there.


I am able to run Soil with Wine on old notebook on Ubuntu, so I assume there should be no problems. If you have some problems running with Wine, please let me know, and I'll do my best to make it compatible (mail, discord, etc.). I understand that having a native build would be more convenient, but I can't really spare time porting it, and making multiplayer work across different builds would be extra fun.

  • download zip file above
  • make sure wine64 is installed
  • in redist folder, run "wine64 ./vc_redist.x64.exe" to install VC redist in wine
  • run "wine64 ./soil.exe" in game folder