Join us now!

This is a freeware project and we welcome any help we can get. If you would like to join our team, please contact us via e-mail in header/footer, or post on our forum. These are currently things we could use some help with:

  • 3D modeling ships, random space-objects (asteroid, structures, cargo containers, etc.) (concept art for ships will be provided)
  • Texturing
  • Visual effects (muzzle flashes, beam animations, particle effects)
  • Backgrounds (planet textures (planets are 3D), skyboxes)
  • Concept art (must follow guidelines, guidelines open to discussion)
  • Gameplay balancing
  • Sound effects (gunfire, beams, explosions)
  • Music (orchestral, and/or whatever is called that style in Homeworld)
  • Scripting (for now, just derping around, try to create meaningful mission, request additional script functions)
  • Testing (do stuff and report what's broken, give feedback on game mechanics, etc.)
  • If you are a native english-speaker, feel free to be a grammar-nazi and correct horrible grammar in game and on website!
  • ...or create your own mod if that floats your boat


Design guidelines (a very WIP version, feedback is always appreciated)
3D Model guidelines (as WIP version as it gets; ask for anything that should be included!)
Unit voice acting guidelines