Soil is a freeware space real-time strategy inspired by Homeworld, featuring ships composed of subsystems that cease to function upon their destruction, enabling you to cripple certain parts of ships, like engines, fighterbays, shipyards, etc., if you cannot bring it down with your current forces. You can also choose to target hardpoints to eliminate ships turrets, making it more vulnerable target for another attacks. Ships also require energy to fire weapons, making energy producing subsystems good target for disabling.

There are currently three types of resources for building and repairing ships. Primary and secondary resources are harvested from objects like asteroids, or salvaged from remains of other ships. These resources are stored in cargoholds on your ships, i.e. without any global 'resource pool'. Third resource is crew. Crew is spent on constructing ships and can be recovered by escape pods from lost ships. As you cannot acquire more crew, it is only wise to give your escape pods some fighter cover where possible.